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It's Showtime!
It wasn’t long ago that Las Vegas entertainment was defined by a few marquee categories: magic shows, comedy acts, psychic demonstrations, musical impersonators and adult burlesque-type revues. Las Vegas is still home to all of these popular genres, but the local industry that’s located in the city of ultimate grandness has bred a new type of entertainment juggernaut. These mega-shows feature first-class performers and unbeatable production values, making for a complete feast of the senses.

The glitz and glamour of these shows embody the larger-than-life vibe of Las Vegas. Whether it’s an innovative, state-of-the-art production show, a legendary headliner concert or a night at the theater, Las Vegas has a multitude of great entertainment options for the varied tastes of today’s business professionals.

Amazing Production Shows
Las Vegas is home to a unique form of theater-going experience. Neither drama nor comedy, neither ballet nor opera, these shows combine elements from a variety of theatrical sources from around the world and blend them together into spectacular, original productions.

The Blue Man Group Theatre at the Venetian is a venue specially made for the troupe it’s named after. The blue-colored band-of-sorts specializes in percussion-based performances and use various forms of media to interact with the audience. The three actors that inhabit the wordless Blue Man persona each night are adept at musicianship, miming and physical comedy, making for one of the most unusual evenings audiences will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

At the Wynn Theater, guests are invited to transcend reality and enter “La R?ve,” a beautiful and mystifying show that incorporates the main stage with a 24-foot deep pool that provides a dazzling arena for the gymnasts, synchronized swimmers and aerial acrobats who personify the characters of the storyline. The dreamscape of a sleeping lover is vividly brought to life in a series of stunning scenes that dazzle the mind.

Cirque du Soleil has maintained a strong presence in Las Vegas since the 1993 opening of “Mystère” at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Sixteen years later, the show still captivates audiences with its unbelievable display of gymnastics and acrobatic choreography. It’s a circus unlike any other, one that showcases the incredible capacity for strength and flexibility of the human body.

The company’s second production housed at the Bellagio, “O,” is a creative wonder that has to be seen to be believed. The water-based show uses a 1.5-million gallon pool to showcase an extraordinary blend of synchronized swimmers and music that creates gorgeous visuals that are not soon to be forgotten.

“Zumanity” at New York-New York represents the franchise’s risqué side, as characters examine the multiple and complicated aspects of sexuality through sensual imagery, suggestive dance choreography and Cirque du Soleil’s trademark aerial performers.

Cirque du Soleil’s newest resident production is “LOVE” at the Mirage. The show is a result of the collaborative effort of the company’s own Guy LaLibertè and George Harrison. The final product is a visual feast featuring highly-styled dance sequences and choreographed extreme sports accompanied to the timeless music of the Beatles. This celebration of one of music’s most influential bands is a romp through the 60s that shouldn’t be missed.

A Gathering of Music Legends
The pop stars of today might have trouble being Las Vegas regulars. The stars with ongoing shows at the city’s major venues have all proved the test of time and boast an extensive repertoire of hits to their credit. Not only are they great singers, but they know how to entertain a crowd. A night with one of these headliners will completely change a person’s perception of what it means to be a true performer.

Las Vegas mainstay Tom Jones continues to perform his inimitable show at the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand. His infectious passion for the stage translates into an energy-filled performance that includes favorite Las Vegas sing-a-longs like “What’s New Pussycat” and “Its Not Unusual.” In addition to popular standards, Jones also performs new and in-progress work.

At the Las Vegas Hilton Theater, “Ultimate Manilow: The Hits” pays homage to the man responsible for such influential recordings as “Mandy,” “Could it Be Magic” and “Copacabana (At The Copa).” Barry Manilow performs with gusto key segments from his impressive songbook, with medleys of his 40s and 50s hits along with full renditions of his most popular ballads.

The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace is currently home to the ultimate diva of reinvention, Cher. Her self-titled show features all of the singer’s signature trademarks, including a constantly changing wardrobe, over-the-top costumes and candid interaction with the audience. The concert doubles as a retrospective of Cher’s illustrious 40-year career, including her previous engagements in the Las Vegas entertainment circuit, with clips of Cher’s acting projects and performances with Sonny displayed on a 34-foot tall high-definition LED screen.

The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace is also the location of another diva driven extravaganza, Bette Midler’s “The Showgirl Must Go On.” Laden with timeless hits like “The Rose” and “Wind Beneath My Wings,” the show highlights the performers musical prowess with a 13-piece band and a dancing troupe of 20 showgirls. Bette Midler also regales the audience with comic interludes delivered in the guise of a host of memorable characters, including Soph, the world’s oldest living showgirl and Delores Delago, the singing and dancing mermaid.

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