Planning a meeting in Las Vegas or attending a convention in Las Vegas and having to organize satellite events?
Access Pass & Design: Our credentials. Your confidence.
Access Pass & Design has, over the last decade, established itself as the preeminent provider of live event solutions – giving event planners and marketing agencies, not to mention the world’s largest bands and sports teams, a long list of specialty printed products and services for live events.

Their product line includes VIP passes, names badges, custom brand marketing pieces, special event tickets, wristbands, custom lanyards, luggage tags, and more. Access Pass & Design has built its business around customer service and innovation, and their products and services allow planners and marketers to get creative in ways they never thought possible.

Access Pass & Design knows that the live events industry is built on sponsorships, and that custom name badges provide a great piece of sponsorship real-estate that attendees wear proudly at the event and take home as keepsakes. Access Pass & Design’s full-color laminated badges have become a revenue source for meeting and event planners, as they provide the ideal space for advertising opportunities.

The badges can also include RFID/NFC for wireless access control, attendee tracking, and social media integration. Badges can also integrate bar-coding, digital QR codes, event schedules, location maps and even perforated tear away tabs. The flexibility of their badges has allowed the product itself to become integral parts of redemption and attendee participation programs for the world’s largest brands, conferences, sporting events, and music acts.

Access Pass & Design offers award-winning designs that can turn the plainest of concepts into works of art. Their event credentials strengthen your brand, beautify the event, and are cherished by attendees long after the show is over.

Let the team of professionals at Access Pass & Design create the quality piece that will impress your clients, sponsors, and will help ensure attendance and sponsorship for years to come.

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Megan Parsons & Curtis Kearse were absolutely outstanding! We had a very quick turn job and they handled it with complete ease. Megan responded quickly, spent time talking through my different questions, and made sure that the project was completed without a hitch. Curtis ensured we made our deadline and provided a completely trouble-free experience. A colleague of mine recently worked with them and had the exact same experience. These two renewed my faith, as I haven’t worked with a print solutions company so competent in at least five years!
Dana Farrell
The Proscenium Group

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