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Mobile Catering and Food Trucks
The food truck crazy has spread like wildfire. If you have not yet seen these restaurants on wheels in your town, it is only a matter of time before you notice the often cleverly named mobile vendors circling popular lunchtime destinations. The Food Network has even dedicated several television series and special features about the rise of food trucks, taking the trend national.

Part of the appeal of food trucks has been the social networking aspect that is needed to track them down. The companies will sometimes require their customers to follow them on Facebook or Twitter in order to be clued in to their next appearance time and location.

Now eateries with food trucks are finding success in the meetings and event industry. Planners are able to schedule mobile catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for breaks in between meetings. The food trucks have very practical and refined kitchens, with everything needed to produce high-quality food which is fresh off the grill. Food trucks are the ultimate convenience in catering since the cooks come directly to the customers. Furthermore, it is a great way to introduce local eateries to out-of-town guests since nearly all food trucks are owned and operated locally.

Using a food truck will showcase your host city and bring regional food straight to your event. Established restaurants like RoadRunner include off premise catering in their repertoire with a traditional western chuck wagon. Whole roasted suckling pig, barbequed spiced smoked ribs, and all the fixin’s are offered on the chuck wagon for a reasonable per person and rental fee.

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