Planning a meeting in Las Vegas or attending a convention in Las Vegas and having to organize satellite events?
Choosing the Perfect Venue
Planners who are looking to make Las Vegas their event destination of choice have one major advantage over professionals who are looking at other cities to host their corporate events: venue selection. Our team has been covering the local market for more than four years now and we never cease to be amazed by the sheer quantity of great facilities available to planners for their corporate itineraries. Aside from the city’s major convention facilities, planners have started to utilize non-traditional venues for creative and inspired affairs. Places like nightclubs, restaurants, museums, art galleries and shopping centers are now being booked for corporate gatherings to give the host companies a competitive edge in attendee interest.

When choosing a venue, planners first need to realize that Las Vegas offers two distinct experiences depending on whether the event will be on or off the Strip. The Strip offers planners and attendees the iconic Vegas joyride, complete with entertainment, attractions and casinos galore. Off-Strip locations, while usually containing all of the popular Las Vegas elements, offer a more subdued approach to corporate events.

Planners should closely examine the purpose of their events. If the scheduled event is supposed to be a reward for attendees, then obviously a location on the Strip would be more appropriate. If a planner is looking for a facility that’s strictly business, moving the event off-Strip would be a better fit. Planners shouldn’t forget that there are some amazing venues to be had off-Strip, even in the smaller nearby cities of Henderson, Mesquite and Primm. In fact, many of our premier partners are located outside of the Las Vegas city limits, which shows the unlimited potential the of the area.

Once planners have a firm grasp of exactly what type of event they are planning, they should immediately identify the size of their attendee pool. There’s no sense in booking a major ballroom for a banquet of 50 people. Likewise, why try and fit a whole convention in the meeting space of a medium-size hotel. Granted, the general managers of many facilities have redesigned their packages to accommodate a broader cross-section of events. But just because you can have an event in a certain facility, doesn’t mean you should. Sure, you can have an executive meeting in one of the boardrooms of the Las Vegas Convention Center, but why do that when you can create a more intimate and enjoyable experience at a restaurant?

Las Vegas is also a great city to host outdoor corporate events. The spring and fall months are optimum for outdoor cocktail parties, receptions and social events, but it’s also possible to be outside during the colder months due to the region’s mild winter climate. Outdoor events provide a refreshing alternative to typical corporate events, as they offer attendees a deeper sense of space that extends beyond a four-wall environment. Being outside allows attendees to actually interact with the city of Las Vegas as opposed to just being there, an event further away from the Strip give guests a taste of the natural beauty Nevada is known for. There’s nothing more invigorating than a fresh breath of air, and the same holds true in the corporate events industry.

But even in Las Vegas, planners need to be prepared for bad weather at a moment’s notice. Planners can be proactive in preventing event disasters by paying attention to the local weather forecast and researching the expected conditions of the date. Outdoor events can be arranged at virtually any venue with a patio area, but it’s also possible to plan larger gatherings at facilities that primarily specialize in outside environments.

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