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Team Building of the Future
If you’re like every other meeting planner in the Las Vegas market, your employer or client has approached you with the ever-present request of organizing a team-building activity for an upcoming event. For many planners, team building offers them the perfect puff piece to fill out a lagging itinerary. With several Web sites that feature fun, if generic, team-building activities and instructions for free, it’s easy to check off the task on your things to-do list without much effort.

But what about using team building to truly push the envelope of group activities? After all, innovation is what our industry is all about. Las Vegas is unique among corporate event destinations in that it’s home to many event service companies that specialize in developing one-of-a-kind team-building experiences. While utilizing these resources will definitely add to the budget of the overall event, planners should evaluate whether or not the expense might be worth the price tag.

Enriching the team-building experience has proven to have several long-term benefits. For starters, the participants are more likely to feel like a unified team if the activity they’re engaged in is meaningful and memorable. Generic by-the-book activities such as introduction circles and trust exercises are so often used that they have ceased to be productive. These activities tend to solicit contrived responses and participation that’s more blasé than genuine enthusiasm. By arranging team-building programs that are fresh and exciting, participants will be eager to be engaged with one another, which inevitably translates into more cooperative efforts in the workplace.

The ROI aspect of events hinges on the profitability of the initial meeting. Considering all the money that may go in to a single business program, it’s crucial that every dollar counts. When team-building sessions are in place, there’s going to be an expenditure of some kind. Why not make sure that the investment on team building, and the event in general, reaps benefits further down the line?

With that in mind, the end result of every team-building venture should be to produce a group of professionals that are in tune with one other and aware of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, the result of which is a greater level of efficiency when working on real world projects. A strong session of team building can also bring out the dormant creativity of professionals not customarily used to thinking outside the box, inspiring new ways to approach tasks and objectives back in the corporate world.

The possibilities for quality team-building sessions are endless in Las Vegas. Drum Café specializes in exhilarating team-building programs that incorporate elements of musical performance that engage everyone in attendance. With more than 9,000 pieces of equipment available, Drum Café can accommodate even the largest of corporate events.

The goal of Drum Café is to increase the energy and spirit of the event, and does so by combining its trademark interactive activities with the customization needed to highlight the objectives of its clients. Drum Cafe’s signature Interactive Keynote Experience is a 60-minute session that provides a drum for every participant and incorporates the theme and main points of the general session’s keynote address. This package can also be used in conjunction with the Specialized Debrief, a discussion session that allows participants to share their thoughts on the process and what they’ve learned about themselves and each other. The Drum Café experience is one everyone can appreciate. After all, who didn’t want to play the drums as a kid?

Creative Cooking School of Las Vegas taps into another favorite pastime of most professionals: the thrill of culinary creation and consumption. As noted by past clients, the act of cooking is a distinctly organizational process whereby each individual is responsible for a certain task. To reach the desired end result (in this case, a savory gourmet meal), every one must perform in unison and to the best of their ability. Sound familiar? If it does, that’s because the cooking process is the same for corporate projects.

Creative Cooking’s hands-on classes provide groups with the necessary instruction to create homemade dishes from scratch. With the aid of professional instructors, every participant can play a crucial role no matter what their experience level. The demonstration kitchen makes for a perfect environment for learning how to prepare a complete five-course meal. Of course, professionals are able to observe and learn about the intricacies of group dynamics, providing the backbone to a productive team-building experience.

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