Planning a meeting in Las Vegas or attending a convention in Las Vegas and having to organize satellite events?
Liquor Catering
In Las Vegas, if there’s a space to fill, chances are it’s available for rental. Not every meeting facility will have onsite catering services at your disposal, and some that do may not have liquor catering as an option. Rather than viewing this as a limitation, see it as a way to utilize non-traditional spaces for your corporate events. After all, it doesn’t take much to bring your own liquor to the event.

When looking for an outside liquor caterer, it’s important to make sure that the company holds a valid liquor catering license as well as the necessary liquor liability insurance. Hiring without these requirements puts all of the liability on the individual planner, which could be disastrous if someone were to be injured after the event.

Planners also want to make sure that the company can provide a sufficient staff and support team to make sure that attendees are drinking responsively. An overwhelmed bartender won’t be able to pay close attention to attendees, which may lead to problems if someone becomes overly intoxicated. It is possible to hire staff from a different company that the one providing the spirits, but for a more streamlined experience, we recommend having all of your bartending needs handled by only vendor.

Aside from the usual beer and wine options, inquire if the company is capable of creating a special cocktail for your event. Having a signature cocktail is a great way for planners to brand their event and make it a unique affair. It’s also a fun conversation starter that every attendee can use.

Using a liquor caterer is a great way to offer your guests variety in their beverage selection. It also gives planners a broader selection of facilities to work with. There are plenty of qualified liquor caterers in Las Vegas, so planners should have no problems finding one that meets all of their event needs.

Off-site liquor catering companies also offer other services that in-house a venue’s in-house caterer might not be able to provide. For example, many liquor catering companies offer mixology classes specifically for corporate groups. Mixology classes teach participants how to make their favorite cocktails, plus rare ones few have tried before. Of course, the exciting part is getting to try the finished product. The result is a fun group event that can be used for an event’s team-building component.

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