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5 Steps Towards a Better Booth
In the endless sea of booths found at a large convention, it is often a daunting task to make sure your booth stands out among the masses. Convention attendees want to visit as many booths as possible to maximize their exposure and thus have limited time and limited attention spans for each one.

So how do you get attendees to look your way and remember your company after they move on? The moment they step onto the convention hall floor and hit their first booth, they already are inundated with a whirlwind of paper, takeaways and contact information. In this atmosphere, attendees are looking for something unique and interesting that draws them to a particular company and makes their experience feel worthwhile. The physical space is important, but it is also how booth representatives interact with attendees that can make or break that connection. The following five steps can put your company’s presence above the rest.

Step 1: Maximize Your Space
To truly convey your message using a trade-show booth, think of it as a three-dimensional advertisement for your company. This means using the company colors throughout the space, including in the flooring with rented carpet with back-friendly plush padding or high-end hardwood that can be used at multiple events. The booth is essentially your most profound brochure that has come to life.

Step 2: Be Technologically Sophisticated
Printed literature is always good to have on hand so attendees can walk away with information. However, in-booth technology is now commonplace. Large-screen monitors, product demonstrations and interactive videos help with marketing and branding. Professionally produced media in the booth and offered as a takeaway will help keep your organization from being lost in the paper pack. In addition, employing new ID scanning technologies makes contact-information collection more streamlined for both exhibitors and attendees so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Step 3: Attract Crowds
When attendees are walking the trade-show floor they are always drawn to the booths that have managed to already attract a crowd. It is simply human nature to want to discover what has the interest of others, so capitalize on that. Some companies have used prize wheels, acted out skits or even employed industry celebrities to garner interest in their space. There are many ways to attract a crowd; find one that is suitable to your company’s culture and message.

Step 4: Engage Your Audience

Although the fleeting time you have with attendees may make you feel like using your “elevator pitch,” the booth should be used to engage your prospects in a much longer dialogue. Customize your presentation to the attendees’ business needs and provide them with a solution that addresses the concerns they have expressed. Steps 1 through 3 will help bring attendees to you, now it is your turn to show them what you’re all about.

Step 5: Capture Leads

Once the preceding steps have been executed properly, take this opportunity to ask something of your attendees. A business card is likely to have all the information you need for follow-up, but once that is obtained include notes on the back of the card so your next communication is more personalized. Feeling remembered always draws people in.

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