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The ROI of Promotional Products
Just like an ad on a social network or search engine, your brand is getting an impression each time a promotional product is handled. Many items garner double impressions, one for the person using the product and one for the person who sees it used. The power of those impressions was documented in a recent survey by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), an organization made up of promotional products suppliers and distributors.

According to the 2010 Global Ad Specialty Impressions Study, promotional products offer just about the best CPI (cost-per-impression) out there, beating prime-time TV, radio and print ads. That means that promotional products have a better return on investment than most other media!

Promotional products are both affordable and effective. In the U.S., the cost per impression of a promotional product in 2010 was .005 cents. For a modest investment, a small company can obtain the type of exposure normally reserved for large companies with significant advertising budgets. However, getting the most out of your marketing dollars means knowing which products will give you the most impressions. ASI notes, “Knowing the likely recipient of a promotional product is paramount for an advertiser. Decorating items that have special appeal to the end-user will mean the item gets used more often and held longer, extending the product’s life span and increasing the number of impressions it makes.”

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