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Corporate Dining Event Trends
Restaurants and dining facilities have become the new meeting facilities of choice for both corporate and social event planners. Restaurants create spaces that naturally draw people together. “Food is a common language,” says Katherine Jacobi, president and CEO of the Nevada Restaurant Association.

“Everyone needs it and it sets an unconscious tone for the meeting or event.” An environment with plenty of food nearby suggests that attendees’ most basic needs are being met, which puts them at a state of ease and readiness for the business ahead.

During peak restaurant hours, many facilities are not available for corporate buyouts or large scale private dining. However, many planners are finding that it’s easier to plan gatherings during breakfast time. If breakfast meetings don’t sound appealing, they are effective for much more than just scheduling purposes. “A current trend is to have breakfast instead of a lunch meeting because it is cost-effective and does not interrupt your day,” says Jacobi. Breakfast is also the most important meal of the day. It’s the perfect way to energize attendees for any events later on in the day.

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