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Blue Man Group: Turning Gadgetry Into High Art
A clever combination of comedy, art, music, science and technology, Blue Man Group creates an incredible theatrical experience never-seen-before at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. Perfect for groups of all sizes, the famous production has something for everyone and leaves audiences inspired, intrigued and in a state of pure bliss. The mega-enhanced show was launched in October 2012 and offers an exciting, energy-infused combination of classic Blue Man Group pieces while introducing new playful personalities, dynamic new instruments, songs and more.

The fun kicks off daily at 6:15 p.m. (excluding dark days) with a one-of-a-kind, luminescent Procession that weaves and shakes its way through the Monte Carlo’s casino floor. Described as part dance party part parade, the dazzling display features custom made instruments including the Percussipede, a musical centipede of percussion instruments, and a puppet all co-created by world-renowned 3-D designer Michael Curry. Each night, the musical celebration lures and entices unsuspecting visitors into the magical, imaginative world that is Blue Man Group.

Once inside the theater, the show comes to life as the world-famous Blue Man Group energizes and entertains audience members. The breathtaking new material includes a Brain Drum, a giant percussion piece that when struck, shoots light across a neon highway above the theater and illuminates the crowd; Pipeulum, a contemporary version of the classic PVC Pipes; Smoke Drums, drums that emit mystical smoke rings in sync with the music from the band; Showbot a futuristic sassy humanoid robot; Kuka’s, mechanical assembly line robots with an attitude and many more.

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