Planning a meeting in Las Vegas or attending a convention in Las Vegas and having to organize satellite events?
World Class Driving Events: Fun Like You Mean It
First, a word of warning: If you’re looking to put on an event that’s normal, average or that leaves participants with their socks on, World Class Driving can’t help you.

Because at World Class Driving, we do supercars. You know, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley—the kind that would make even Mr. Grinch grin and that are about to knock the socks off the participants of your company’s next Las Vegas event.

World Class Driving boasts a $2-million fleet of some of the most amazing exotic cars on the planet, including the top models from Italy, Germany and anywhere else they create retirement fund–depleting automobiles.

When you put on a corporate event with World Class Driving, you’ll be giving your participants something most of them have probably never experienced—something few mortals ever get to do. You’ll even see your most reserved accountant high-fiving and hooting at the top of his lungs. You might even get an ice-cold Gatorade shower.

World Class Driving is also the highest rated four-wheeled fun thing to do in Las Vegas, with more than 500 gushing reviews on TripAdvisor. So you can be sure your people will be in good hands.

Red Rock Canyon Experience:
Three Dream Cars, 30 Dream Miles.

With the Red Rock Canyon Experience, your participants will sample three of World Class Driving’s top-shelf exotic cars on a 30-mile round-trip experience from the heart of Las Vegas to the stunning Red Rock Canyon.

From nose to spoiler, the whole experience takes about two and a half hours—assuming no cases of awesomeness overload—the perfect length for a late-afternoon escape from the boardroom or conference center.

Hoover Dam Experience:
More Cars, More Miles, More Smiles.

There’s more. The three-hour Hoover Dam Experience gives your participants more cars and more miles of fun. Your group members will experience 50 magical miles of driving split between four exotic cars from World Class Driving’s collection.

Fun Tailored Just for You.
It doesn’t stop there. World Class Driving corporate events also give you the option of working with the company’s experienced event planning team to create some custom excitement during your company’s next stop in Las Vegas.

However you want to go, you can be sure that with World Class Driving corporate events you’ll be giving your participants something that will leave them breathless, speechless, with adrenaline levels soaring and tickled I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that grins like they just finished walking on the moon.

If that’s what you’re after, don’t hesitate to give our corporate event planners a call at (877) 409-3748 or shoot them an e-mail at and get started planning your company’s next big day in Las Vegas.

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