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Vegas Indoor Skydiving: Achieving the Dream of Human Flight
Are you hungry for the thrill of skydiving but not the potential danger? Or have you been skydiving and want to improve your skills? Operating since 1982, Vegas Indoor Skydiving (formerly Flyaway) was America’s first indoor skydiving facility and is located right at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The facility uses a one-of-a-kind vertical wind tunnel powered by a 1,000-horsepower electric motor and a propeller from a DC-3 to create more than 100 mile-per-hour winds, enough to lift a human body.

At Vegas Indoor Skydiving, individuals and groups can earn their wings while experiencing the sensation of body flight in a simulated skydiving experience. Although similar to the feel of a skydiving freefall, the incorporation of a mesh-trampoline floor and foam-padded walls add safety and security that allow guests to simply enjoy the freefall aspect without requiring an airplane, high altitudes, a parachute or a leap of faith.

In its state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel, Vegas Indoor Skydiving introduces guests to the sport, producing enough wind at 120 miles per hour to support the weight of an average adult. No prior experience is necessary and just about anyone of any age can participate, but Vegas Indoor Skydiving does implement suggested height and weight restrictions, which vary for men, women and children.

The entire experience takes about an hour for the training class, equipment acquisition and the flight. First, each flyer attends the brief training class on body-flight basics that include proper body position and technique, hand signals to use and safety concerns. Then it’s time to suit up in the required flight gear before entering the tunnel to fly with hands-on instructor assistance. Just like any extreme sport, learning to fly takes practice, so the challenge is half the fun. Here, the instructors understand that everyone learns and grows at different rates so they adapt to the ability of the flyer and encourage their development with coaching and sharing their love and knowledge of flight.

Reservations are recommended and available with at least 48 hours notice, otherwise registration is first come, first served. Starting times begin every 30 minutes throughout the day. Plus, the more you fly, the more you learn about controlling your body; in one weekend you can acquire control techniques it would take months to learn at a drop zone.

Group sessions and rates are available, which makes this a great idea for corporate team building or employee incentives. In addition, a DVD of the experience is available for purchase so you can relive the flight time and time again.

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