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What's Happening With Hotels?
In the guestrooms, many hotels offer customized turndown with sweets that recreate childhood favorites. Look for seasonal treats, such as hot chocolate, Rice Krispie treats, Cracker Jacks or cookies and milk. Since, at the most basic level, hotels are about getting rest for the next day, many of them are enhancing their guestrooms with a superior sleep experience by offering Sleep Number or Tempur-Pedic beds and hypoallergenic or organic sheets.

In the bathrooms, hotel guests will see the disappearance of tubs as hotels cater more to the business traveler that doesn’t have time for a long soak. Suites will still feature the full tub, but many newly built hotels are offering “shower only” rooms. Hotels also are going away from tiny shampoo bottles and individually wrapped soap for the less costly and more environmentally sound pump dispensers that let guests pump what they need without creating as much waste.

The sustainable and environmentally conscious trend is pervading other aspects of the industry as well. Travelers are requesting transparency about hotels’ green practices, and hotels are displaying it. Many hotels also offer elective daily cleaning programs for multiple-night guests so eco-conscious travelers can help the hotel cut down on unnecessary cleaning thus saving labor, time and natural resources.

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