Planning a meeting in Las Vegas or attending a convention in Las Vegas and having to organize satellite events?
Team Building in Vegas Style
AdVenture Vegas offers unforgettable theatrically driven, ultra-interactive team-building experiences that are challenging, intellectually stimulating and over the top. In the SpyGame, players receive a letter that says the CEO has been kidnapped and they must become a “special agent” on a top-secret mission. The ensuing true-to-life game of espionage sends them on an action-packed adventure using text-message and interactive-response technology as they infiltrate the inner sanctum of the city, decipher clues, interrogate informants and spot a mole in a race against the clock to accomplish tasks and rescue the hostage. AdVenture Vegas will customize any activity or adventure for a group or theme, designing the assignments and challenge course in and around a particular resort or throughout part of the city itself.

With an array of customizable adventures that start from any hotel on or off the Strip, Geoteaming creates a team-building atmosphere beyond expectations in Las Vegas, a city where crazy and exciting, fun-filled activities are the norm. Geoteaming’s highly interactive adventures are challenging as they lead groups in and out of the most exciting stops on the Strip. Imagine trying to find a hidden clue inside of a chaotic casino or a fine bottle of wine at a world-renowned restaurant then riding the roller coaster at New York-New York or challenging the Big Shot at the Stratosphere. For groups looking for even more excitement, the plan can incorporate stunts like bungee jumping or indoor skydiving.

The Go Game features amazing, technology-driven team-building games in “zones” throughout Las Vegas at nearly every major Strip casino and even the CityCenter complex. Combining wireless technology with elements of the Amazing Race, Cranium and Mission: Impossible, The Go Game is a scavenger hunt on steroids and the most fun your company can have doing team building. Teams complete missions downloaded to Web-enabled cell phones that direct them throughout the game zone (a few city blocks, resort or convention center) to hidden clues, creative challenges and undercover agents. Teams succeed by submitting digital photos or texting answers to headquarters, which tracks teams’ progress and customizes the experience. As players interact with the local environment and draw on outside knowledge to answer questions, they interact with characters—some obvious, some not—that help them on their way.

The Go Game also can customize actor roles for more targeted games featuring company-specific characters or actors also trained as team-building facilitators.

Rated the No. 1 Scavenger Hunt in Las Vegas, Mission: Las Vegas by R&D Events is one of the most popular team-building events in Sin City. The three-hour hunt does not dictate where teams go; R&D simply designs the interactive experience (with optional customization), briefs the teams on the process and turns the groups loose on a series of challenges ranging from riding a roller coaster to reenacting historically significant photos at landmarks on the Strip. Each completed challenge earns teams points, and the team with the most at the end is the champion. Each team gets a spiral-bound notebook of 30 different challenges, a digital camera, a daypack and cash to budget throughout the adventure.

R&D Events manages all of the on-site setup at your venue or can recommend a venue from its preferred vendors; and event staff, an audiovisual technician and support staff are included as part of the experience. A minimum of six participants is required, but R&D Events can accommodate groups of more than 500.

Team Craft upgrades the basic scavenger or treasure hunt to awesome team building in City Sleuths, a riddle-solving game that gets groups out and about in Las Vegas. Teams compete for points by answering riddles amid the most curious, historic and entertaining elements of Las Vegas at The Venetian, New York-New York or Caesars Palace. As they go, participants discover the work of local artisans mixed with facts about local celebrities and the history of the city. Whether it’s along the canal at The Venetian or walking through Greenwich Village at New York-New York, City Sleuths points out the kitschy and humorous pearls in nooks and crannies that get lost in the sea of noise and lights of mainstream Las Vegas.

Team Craft offers the choice between the basic three-hour version or the extended four-and-a-half-hour game with two rounds of riddle solving and greater team learning.

The DaVinci Adventure from Treasure Hunt Adventures offers a journey full of intrigue as groups search for the ancient grail like in The DaVinci Code. In the treasure hunt, the group breaks down into teams with a marked map and directions to find clues that help them break the Cryptex Code. When all the teams have found the clues, they then must work together to find the treasure. Although especially fun at a large location like a hotel resort or conference center, this typically is held at the Las Vegas Art Museum.

Quality, time management and creativity foster winning teams in the Amazing Race and Geocaching program by Venture Up. Teams navigate through back roads or city roadways by van or by jeep on the road or off the beaten path with a handheld GPS unit and collective resources to reach their goal. Armed with a Polaroid camera and a set of sealed envelopes with clues to locations along the trail, teams journey toward their final destination using the camera to document the group’s success at each checkpoint with instant photos. Teams also collect objects en route that reflect their experience and have significance in scoring at the end.

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