Planning a meeting in Las Vegas or attending a convention in Las Vegas and having to organize satellite events?
Team Building in Vegas Style
With all the glitz and glamour of the Entertainment Capital of the World, the possibilities for adventures in team building are virtually endless.

—Out in the Valley

However, if your group is looking to get away from the hectic chaos and sparkle of the Strip, several team-building adventure programs focus on the vast expanse outside the urban jungle and celebrate the beautiful desert landscape that is the Las Vegas Valley. With many national and state parks nearby and lots to see and explore, get your group out and searching on a wider scale with one of these great team-building adventure programs.

Set with the backdrop of mountains, woods, desert formations or anything else in the Las Vegas Valley, National Treasure by AdVenture Vegas takes groups on a journey beyond civilization to explore roads less traveled in the great outdoors. This geocaching adventure showcases the splendor of nature while engrossing guests in a strategy-based, ultra-competitive race as they encounter a cast of outlandish characters in search of a mythical National Treasure. Best of all, the AdVenture Vegas model lets players choose the path they want, and, just as in life, their choices decide whether they win or lose.

The most popular event at Treasure Hunt Adventures is the “treasure hunt,” which employs problem-solving and decision-making skills while engaging in the sport of orienteering. Treasure hunts can take place anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley, including out in the wide-open desert for the truly adventurous. True team building that is both cooperative and competitive, the treasure hunts start out as competition where separate groups break down a big problem into smaller parts, but they morph into cooperative endeavors because all teams must work together to find the key at the end.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Las Vegas Valley by letting Geoteaming formulate the perfect team-building plan for your needs. Hop in a fleet of 4x4 jeeps and send teams out into the desert for something straight out of the Wild West. Groups travel around the desert looking for hidden treasure as the adventure takes them to Red Rock Canyon, the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and other hidden areas with breathtaking vistas. Geoteaming has been hiding treasures in the desert for years; it’s up to your teams to go and find it.

The age-old art of finding directions, plotting a course and watching coordinates is a popular team-building activity at Venture Up. The dramatic, natural Mojave Desert wilderness is never seen the same once teams navigate through it with strategy and new-found skills. It’s fun, good exercise and requires no prior experience. Armed with a topographical map and compass, participants learn how to read the map, quickly measure distance, find the azimuth and determine the direction of travel. Then they’re off and having fun as they learn and explore. Each course begins with easy challenges, and they get tougher as it continues, plus strategic games or challenges can be incorporated to add to team-building elements at each reference point.

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